Henry Ford College

The Brief

AGA in partnership with Loughborough University were challenged to develop and deliver an industry first higher education programme and facility in the name of one of the original automotive pioneer. 

What We Did

Based at the Henry Ford College in Loughborough, the AGA College Team – consisting of 22 full time staff members – delivered a fully outsourced, non-technical training service to the Ford dealer network. The team included the college principal, specialist training design and delivery teams, dealer ‘training advisors’ and administration support staff.

Training focused on skill sets including:

• Learning and development strategy in conjunction with Ford stakeholders
• Curriculum design
• Training delivery
• Events delivery
• Training programme marketing and communications
• Training facilities management
• Delegate management
• Management of other training providers on behalf of the client


From 2005 to 2010, AGA contributed considerably to the strategic direction of the network learning and development process. The Company established a partnership agreement with Loughborough University and assisted in designing and delivering Ford’s bespoke BSc and MSc degree programmes. These two degree programmes – co-delivered by AGA and the University Business School – were a breakthrough in the automotive industry.

Ford College annual training throughput: 350 courses provided (approximately 150 Management and 200 Sales and Aftersales staff programmes).

Over the course of 5 years, there were 4,700 delegates trained and over 10,000 delegate days delivered.

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