Financial Services for Automotive Brand

The Brief

AGA was tasked with recruiting and managing a team of six change cycle managers for two years.

What We Did

We started by engaging dealer principals and business owners to secure ‘buy-in’ which was later accompanied by a nationally delivered ‘fast start’ classroom training programme.

The team worked closely with client field managers to develop customer engagement strategies and implement them in dealerships. The implementation was achieved through a process of assessment, planning, training and coaching which was sustained over 4 years.


Our highly successful programme transformed the client’s PCP penetration and renewals performance to record a significant increase over the pre-programme benchmarks.

Thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication, there was a significant increase in dealer engagement and customer satisfaction scores. AGA’s contract was extended for a further one and a half years. Following this, the team was taken on to full time, permanent basis by the brand.